Clouds Riding the Wind

Windy day painting on a farm with with Walt Bartman's class. My easel was not capable of holding a 3-foot-square canvas in 30 mph wind gusts, but this being a typical old farm, plenty of rusting tools could be had to fashion a heavy-duty easel. My recent habit of underpainting a scene in complementary colors was again put into play, and I even began to put in the second layer of naturalistic colors on top. Back to this spot in 2 days for more work on the painting.


Daniel said…
It's very interesting seeing the paintings in progress. Maybe at some point make a post that has a bunch of different shots, chronologically arrayed, of a single painting from earliest sketch all the way through to completion, with your comments, of course. That would be fascinating and help some of us understand the process a bit better.
Josephine said…
Yeah, George, TEACH us!!

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